GRIT30 minute high intensity interval training using weights to get you in shape, super fast.


GRIT30 minute high intensity interval training that uses power agility training to transform muscle fiber and produce a lean, athletic shape.


body step30 minute high intensity interval training featuring explosive high impact body-weight exercises to get you super fit, super fast.


body step An old favourite brought back to life with new music and new moves. This energetic class is great for fitness and shaping your legs and firming the butt.

Be Early to secure your place.


body step A choreographed high rep- weights class using both dumbbells and barbells. This is an entire body workout but is particularly good for Thighs Butt & Abs.

This is a non aerobic format and is great for all levels. A good idea is to turn up to this class 5 to 10 min. early to set up your weights.


A cardio class that is based on moves from various forms of martial arts and boxing.This class is not a self defence class, but is a great way to get into shape.


Boxing conducted by THUMP trainers are designed to improve the lifestyle of our participants through weight loss, muscle tone, increased fitness and confidence.


Countless studies have shown that boxing and kickboxing classes are a great way to improve physical health and fitness whilst contributing to weight loss and overall body strength. This of course leads to less stress on the mind and body which in turn will lead to greater productivity in your daily life.

THUMP Boxing classes are taught by highly qualified and experienced instructors. Everyone is welcome to join in our classes and most of all, no experience is necessary.

Most of the class is done in pairs. If you do not have a partner, the instructor will assign one to you. This is a great way to meet new people and encourage each other to work hard.


Great music will motivate you through this high calorie burning aerobic class. The name says it all.


boxing Everyone finishes first in Group Ride! Pedal in groups, roll over hills, chase the pack, climb mountains, and spin your way to burning calories and strengthening your lower body. This 60-minute cycling program is geared for anyone that can ride a bike. Motivating music, awesome instructors, and an inspiring group environment lets you ride on!

Body Balance

body step An entirely different style of class. It draws on the benefits of Yoga, Stretching Principals & Relaxation. You can expect to leave this class feeling supple and refreshed.


Based on Hatha Yoga, our classes explore the physical side to Yoga…. Find your Mind Body connection as you move slowly from one pose to another. Sometimes challenging, you will find yourself stretching and strengthening your entire body. Each class has a different ‘theme’ so please feel free to discuss which might be best for you.


Everybody is talking about Pilates... athletes to celebrities are participating in this body work format. Pilates is a contempary series of exercises designed to improve bodycontrol, posture and fitness. Matwork: Pilates exercises in their traditional format. All levels of experience are welcome to this class. You will learn improved breathing, posture awareness and improve strength. This workout is also great for the abs and butt.

Ball Class

This class blends traditional Pilates exercises with the gym ball. Working on the ball will also challenge your strength and balance. It is suggested that participates have some Pilates or Ball experience before attending these classes.


Reformer will take your Pilates training to the next level. This class is the ultimate for Body control and strength training. Before attending this class it is strongly recommended that participates have a good understanding of Pilates exercises and technique. As classes are limited to 10 persons, bookings and payment in advance is required (NB 24 hours notice to cancel is required if unable to attend).

Large range of classes!

Bookings required for:

Selected classes are at both Hi Energy Mackay and Hi Energy Bucasia.

Check the timetables for avaliability.

YES! Child care is avaliable at both
fitness centres!